Protect your piercing when changing your earrings

Brian Rosengarten

One of the most common causes of infection with pierced ears is that when changing your earrings you scratch the inside of the piercing with the point of the new earrings. These earrings are usually not sterile and there is a good chance then of transferring some bacteria into the scratch. The earring then seals the area and the bacteria can grow in the warm moist environment.

To prevent this:

  1. Make sure the hands are clean by washing properly.
  2. Cleanse the ear lobe with Rossan Ear Care Antiseptic Lotion Spray.
  3. Place a very small amount of an antiseptic or first aid cream on the tip of the new earring. This will allow the earring to slide through the piercing without scratching the sides.

I recommend doing this every time you change your earrings for at least the first twelve months to allow the lining of the new piercing to heal completely.


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